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Jonathan Levy LCSW on how to stop worrying

Jonathan Levy LCSW: Co-founder and Marketing director at Psychotherapy Associates Chicago.

Do you worry a lot about things that other people don’t? Do you spend tons of time analyzing small details in your day for things you did wrong? Do you even worry about things that are out of your control?

The blank stare of worrying.

Trust me, you are not alone! My name is Jonathan Levy LCSW and I am an experienced Chicago therapist, counselor, and life coach. In my Chicago therapy practice I encounter people similar to this on a daily basis. Rest assured, as an experienced Chicago therapist I can tell you anxiety, nervousness, etc. is much more common than one may think. I am here to provide effective tips to help reduce your anxiety and stop worrying.

Focus on Relaxation and mindfulness: Mindfulness is a fancy word for paying attention to our thoughts without judging ourselves. We have discussed how beneficial activities like yoga and Tai Chi can be, but this is not a quick fix. Becoming mindful takes time and practice. Often times people become fixated on becoming mindful which doubles as a healthy distraction.

Journaling provides wonderful relief.

Stay connected with friends and family:  A support system and a healthy social life are important. Do not be afraid to ask others for help. Many people have struggled with the exact same thing and for the most part, people like to be helpful. Just ask! There are also numerous self-help groups that meet regularly and these can be a tremendous source of support. If your level of worrying is interfering with your life on any level, medication may be something to discuss with your psychiatrist. Experienced therapists and LCSWs have therapeutic tools that can also be very helpful.

Healthy distractions: Like going for a walk, reading a book, taking the kids to the park, and as mentioned above, working on becoming mindful. It really comes down to anything that can take your mind off of the item you are worrying about.

- Practice Gratitude: Change your mindset by becoming more positive and happy. Practicing gratitude will make you happier and when people are happy they worry less.

Keep a journal: Writing about your worries helps identify what you are truly concerned about and can help you work through them. Putting a pen to paper and expressing yourself can make many people feel a lot better. "I have a hard time expressing myself and this caused issues in my life. Jonathan Levy LCSW recommended that I journal to express myself and essentially let my emotions out. Journaling reduced my levels of nervousness, anxiety and worrying" stated Anthony Davian.

Take care of yourself: Stay rested, exercise regularly, and try to improve your diet. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of real life. Take time for yourself no matter what. It will make you feel great to put yourself first.

Forgive yourself or others: An experienced therapist can help you do this, but in the end it is all on you. A huge source of worrying comes from the past, so the sooner you can forgive things that happened in the past the sooner you can move on and lower your levels of worrying.

About the author: Jonathan Levy LCSW is an experienced Chicago therapist, counselor, and life coach. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Smith College. He is the Marketing Coordinator and co-founder of Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago. Jonathan Levy LCSW has tremendous success helping patients and most attribute his success to his warm touch and friendly demeanor.

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